Implementation of an Action-Research on how art impacts on social inclusion process and how it can engage young people in intercultural community-building

1 Learning, Teaching, Training activity “Sharing Action Research Results and learning about Arte Migrante methodology”

Creation of 3 digital products (Intellectual Outputs)
by youth workers and young people

4 Transnational Partner Meetings (TPM)

2 Piloting local activities

9 Local Multiplier events

1 European final Multiplier event

Intellectual Outputs


Young people from different background will be trained in the Action-Research methodology to interview peers on art as a tool of inclusion. This IO will lead to the creation of two reports: 1 report on the Action-Research methodology and 1 Report on the content of the interviews, analyzed and processed and pictures taken by the young researchers. 15 interviews and 20 online questionnaires will be collected during this phase by the young researchers in each participating country.


The training programme for youth workers (IO2) will contain a collection of practices inspired by Arte migrante method (non-formal methodologies and techniques) that can promote the development of inclusive communities and intercultural dialogue in different cultural contexts, with emphasis to the social inclusion of youth at risk of marginalization. It will be set up during the activity LTT1 and finalized after the Piloting phase participated by young people and open to the local communities.

The Piloting activity: young people, with the support of youth workers, will be asked to implement a practice that has been designed during the activity LTT1, adapting “Arte migrante” method to their own context and resources. In this step, the research results will enable young people and youth workers to effectively adapt practices to the real needs, challenges and opportunities. The Piloting activity will be powered by the young people who covered the role of researchers (in IO1) and the youth workers (LTT1) with the aim to involve the local community. The Piloting will be necessary to test, modify and adapt practice that would work in multicultural contexts in terms of inclusion and valorization of diversity.


Interactive guidelines for facilitators and youth workers on how to apply the good practices developed during the Piloting activity will be created together with the young people involved.

The guidelines will contain: a description on how to use the Training Programme; a short presentation of the project and its creative approaches; the description of the good practices (1 case study from each partner) tested and developed during the piloting phase.

The Piloting activity: young people, with the support of youth workers, will test the guidelines with a group of target group (youth workers, youth leaders, educators teachers working with young people).

About “Arte migrante” concept:

Arte Migrante is a long-term project that started in Bologna in 2012 from an idea of Tommaso Carturan, an anthropologist and songwriter, and it is active today in 23 cities of Italy and 2 cities in Europe. There is not an institutional mandate and it is managed on a voluntary basis by groups of young people and adults who share goals, modalities and values related to peace, human rights, the culture of dialogue and welcome approaches.

From its very beginning, Arte Migrante pursues to give value and fully develop human relations by means of artistic performances regardless the culture, sex, religion, origin or social class of its participants. The uniqueness of the initiative lies on its meetings, featured by horizontal structure, spontaneous participation and sharing spirit understood as a peace-making instrument, intercultural exchange, and human growth, both individual and social. AM meetings are an open space protected by mutual respect rules, welcoming and hearing spirit, where everyone is expected to participate by means of different kinds of sharing: from sharing the common space and dinner to the sharing of oneself through art.

Short term training event‐Learning teaching training activities

The LTTA is an international activity for youth workers that will take in Palermo aimed to design inclusive, effective and sustainable practices inspired by Arte Migrante method and based on the A-R results, to build inclusive multicultural communities and promote the active participation of young people, with emphasis to youth with social, cultural, economic obstacles.


  • To strengthen the competences of youth workers on active and inclusive methods, based on the real needs of young people.
  • To develop good practices inspired by Arte migrante method to engage local citizens into non-formal and informal processes of inclusive community building.

The training will be set up by Per Esempio organization, together with Arte migrante organization using Non Formal Education methods and techniques.

Multiplier Events

10 Multiplier events will be organized to disseminate the project results among stakeholders and community in general aiming at:

  • Promoting the participation of our target group and citizens in general to the potential informal activities that young people might initiate
  • Enable other youth workers and young people to apply art-based practices in non formal and informal settings.