The main aim of “In my Art” project (reference number: 2019-2-IT03-KA205-016717) is to empower young people to take action towards social inclusion and intercultural community-building, especially in multicultural contexts where migrant people have fewer opportunities in getting involved into host communities as active citizens.

Following the needs/context analysis carried out by partner organizations, In My Art project pursues the following objectives:

1. Increase awareness of youth workers and organizations on the real needs and desires of young people, to effectively adapt methods and practices based on arts into different multicultural contexts.

2. Share and develop effective and sustainable practices inspired by “Arte Migrante” method among organizations, to build inclusive communities based on the culture of dialogue, cohesion, valorization of diversity and non-discrimination.

3. Promote active participation of young people in their community, with a focus on youth at risk of marginalization because of their cultural, social and economic obstacles.

Topics addressed by the project:
Creativity and culture
Inclusion – equity
Migrants’ issues