This deck of cards opens up to a thousand possibilities. You can create a thousand games, a thousand uses, a thousand visions.

It wants to be a medium and not an end.

A tool to go beyond words, into the imagination, into what we may feel and find it hard to describe. But also starting from words that we find it hard to imagine.

They can express stories, experiences, intentions, feelings.

They are unique to each of us, because each of us is unique.

The idea of ​​these cards starts from the experience of the Arte Migrante sharing circle, from the feelings that the circle gives rise to, from the path of those who are part of it, from the difficulties that can be encountered.

But it goes further. The words you will find, and the related images, speak to anyone.

Anyone who wants, individual, collective, association, can help themselves with these cards to broaden the dialogue, untie knots, create a vision.

We would like to add that these cards want to bring an imaginary of sharing, creativity, care and non-violence. Anyone can use them, but those who despise this feeling will struggle to see their beauty.



As you want. You can be creative and go crazy.


You can use them with yourself, to investigate your feelings, question yourself on issues, get advice.

Shuffle the cards and unfold them in front of you, on the table or on the floor.

Draw one with your eyes closed. Observe it.

What does it convey to you? What does that word mean to you? What do those images awaken in you? What does that card relate to in your life right now? In the past? In the future? How do you relate to it?

You can use them in your group of friends, collective, assembly or association.

You can take turns drawing a card and thinking about how that word or image affects your being together.

You can use them to create a dialogue on a particular issue. In these cases, words are sometimes lacking to express one’s feelings about an issue. Then you could use a card and start from that to share your impression.

Or use the cards to view the topics to be addressed during a meeting. To express to others how you feel. To share each one’s own feelings, problems, hopes, needs.

May the journey with them be endless (you can create new cards yourself and add them to the deck!)


Find the cards for online use HERE

Find the cards for printing HERE