Hi everyone, I’m Cyrielle and I took part in the Action Research of the In my Art Project and I would like through these few lines to tell you how I lived this experience.

Everything started when I was implicated in the organisation of the Kick-Off meeting here in Bremerhaven. The kick-off meeting is the first meeting between all the partners to clear up the steps and deadlines of the project. It was a very nice meeting as I met different people from different parts of Europe, and we all exchange about the project (but not only) during two days.

One of the next tasks I did, was to conduct interviews. It was for me a first experience, as I never did it before and took pleasure doing it. I can here tell you a funny anecdote. I was in a bar in Bremerhaven, was talking to a new guy I didn’t know before and was telling him about the In my art Project and that I was looking for young people to interview. He was intrigued and interested, and we decided to meet the next day to do the interview and since then we stayed in good contact.
Hence through the interviews, I was able to meet new people and to experience more about my own city and what was going on concerning art.

After the interviews, I had to analyse the data we collected through the interviews but also through the questionnaires we shared. It was here again very interesting to read and listen to the responses of people concerning art. To be honest, it was not an easy task but I definitely improved my IT skills making power point presentations and graphs.

This project also inspired me on this corona time to be more artsy. I then decided to build a table with woods, to try painting or even sculpting. The beauty of this project is that the people I met through my interviews gave me some tips and helped me with the manipulation of woods. I was at that time very grateful for it!

Being part to an european erasmus + is always an interesting experience through which you learn a lot about others but also about yourself.

Art is a wonderful way to connect people and I can only hope that thanks to the project more people will realise it and make such connections.

Cyrielle Kugler

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