Asociación Caminos wanted to know more about it and collected feedback from 3 different young artists in Málaga. Overall, we can say that the impact which the lockdown situation had on them differed, though it always proved to be challenging and, in occasions, beneficial.
A young poet, although he found himself with more time to pursue his craft, which usually might inspire people to express their thoughts on the specific situation, felt a lack of motivation and inspiration to create art due to the lack of freedom. Though incapable of finding the proper inspiration to write, he decided to take up drawing for the first time in years, with an unexpected positive result.

Another artist, this time a photographer, pointed out that while maybe other artists, like writers, might be better suited to working from home, for her this time of “home office” takes away from her time and ability to focus on her work and for abstraction. The transformation of the home into a workplace also was something she had reservations about, though given circumstances, she and fellow photographers decided to give it their best still and engage in competitions to see who can get the best shots from home.
A young actress has seen her castings and some projects she was participating in stalled for the moment, as face-to-face meetings and activities are impossible. During this time, she has continued working using online programs to meet other artists and even to participate in online castings. Though her normal activities have been paused, the situation has proved a chance to meet important people in the film industry and to build online networks of professionals of this sector. Despite the lockdown, the more intensive use of online communities and she could make new connections due to this that she wouldn’t have made otherwise.