I passed my first lockdown in Venice. It was a hard period and art was a refuge for me. The lockdown and my experience in Venice, was the inspiration for my street performance “Venezia Risvelio” in July of 2020. I made my costume and with the help of my acting coach Savino Liuzzi, I prepared my performance. It was my last goodbye to Venice. A new city and a new life. Thessaloniki. But a lockdown again. Art is again my best friend. I can continue be creative even from home. When the restaurants and bars closed, I started my lockdown project, a quilt. Each square of the quilt is another day of the lockdown. The final size of the quilt depends of how long will be the lockdown. I hope not a king size double. The colours, that I chose, are black and red, black for the days that I am in a bad mood, red for the days that I am in a good mood, and half black half red for the days that I am demi, or I start well but then my mood change, or the opposite. I am thinking to prepare a street performance with my quilt after the lockdown, when the situation will be better. Also, the christmas inspired me. In Greece traditionally, they decorate a boat, not a tree. So decided to do, with the help of my flatmates, an alternative boat. It is made by a lot of origami boats and plastic sheeting. It costed literally nothing. I found everything in home. Home is now the only place that I can express my creativity. My flatmates are my audience. What I want from 2021? Performances, films, concerts, festivals, cities full of art.

Text written by Katerina Stavrou international volunteer at Sympraxis, Partnership for Gender Issues

Photos: Katerina Stavrou