Within societies we see art everywhere. It can be pretty much anything as art is subjective and is down to the individuals’ perspective. Understandably, throughout different cultures and religions art is separate; it can be interchangeable for some but fairly separate for others. The ways in which art is different is there are so many forms of it as it is a way of expression that has evolved over time.

So what is art? Art is seen as a process that can deliberately have contrasting elements that appeal to our emotions. It encircles an inclusive scale of human activities that we see in daily lives such as: music, film, literature, and paintings etc. Personally, art – for me – is cinema. Everything about the film industry fits into my definition of art. It is the most advanced piece created as it captures the visual images in a dynamic way. Of course there are other elements that fit into film such as acting, scripture, cinematography and directory. But the whole commodity of it is the most fascinating and intriguing aspect.

Many people have their own definitions of art and that is exactly how it should be. Nobody is the same and that is how art is in a way, because no artwork is truly the same. On this note I feel as though this is why some young people struggle with the question ‘What is art?’ because realistically there is no real answer as everybody’s is going to be different. Furthermore, an issue that we are seeing in our communities is the lack of art facilities or activities. Without a doubt a lot of youth are not as involved in art projects from what I have noticed since growing up. We have the most obvious ways in which they are that could be art classes in school/college, however I feel as though it is difficult to be involved within such activities outside of an educational background. In Expanding Horizons there has been a push to change this and to get younger people involved with their community in expressing themselves.

The ‘In my art’ project is going to give that push to people who struggle with expressing themselves and can help them do it throughout their own form of art. A group of us met up in February regarding the project and we all got to discuss the thinking behind artwork and what it means to us, what skills are necessary and how to encourage others to take part. We came up with questionnaires that we were going to ask members of the public to answer so we could see what the everyday person would have to comment on the project. By doing this it would be easier to understand the multicultural variations within the community of Merseyside.

From researching in this project it has even helped me further my interest in other art forms. Cinema is my top one as I connect to it the most but from hearing other people’s opinions I have taken an interest in Modern Art. As a result I have begun to appreciate more pieces I see, as in March I took a trip to the Tate in Liverpool and was able to feel a certain way towards the paintings and sculptures there. Besides, this is the aim of the project. To open our minds and get a better understanding of art and what it means to us.

Ellie Leacy, 20.